In keeping with our homely environment, we are delighted to fuel our children’s minds, bodies and brains with fresh, homemade meals cooked on site by our cook. Our mealtimes are a social, enjoyable experience rich in conversation. We think it is important to educate children in healthy choices and do so by encouraging children to try new foods and be involved in cooking and baking activities on a regular basis

Throughout the year we like to make the most of seasonal fruit and vegetables, some that are grown and picked by the children, we incorporate these into the children’s snacks and meals so they can see the processes involved in making meals.

We are proud to support our local butcher, Simon from the village and he delivers fresh meat to our doors almost daily.

We will work alongside parents to accommodate any dietary requirements and current menus are displayed on our parents notice board or can be emailed upon request. A full day includes breakfast, snack during the morning, a healthy two course meal at lunch time and a snack in the afternoon. We currently don’t provide a meal at tea time, but parents are welcome to provide one that we can serve or heat. Fresh water and milk are always available.


Birthdays represent some of the most memorable moments of any young child’s life. Celebrating these milestones at nursery is a great way to highlight these special days with friends and we always make a fuss by wearing the birthday hat and singing Happy Birthday.

Parents are welcome to send in a cake bought from a supermarket, so we have the full list of ingredients and allergens.

Here’s a selection of our delicious rotating menus and snacks