Settling in at Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb Nursery’s Settling In Policy ensures a smooth transition from home to nursery life, creating a positive experience for both the parents and child.

Our aim is for children to feel safe, stimulated and happy in the nursery and to feel secure and comfortable with all staff. We also want parents to have confidence in us,  their children’s well-being and their role as active partners.

Our aim is to support parents and carers to help their children settle quickly and easily by giving consideration to the individual needs and circumstances of each child and their families.

We work in close partnership with parents to facilitate the smooth settling in of children into the nursery. We are happy to take on any suggestions you have and try where possible to follow your own routines

Prior to starting nursery you will be invited in to look at the nursery, meet the staff, talk about your needs and requirements and to go through any questions you may have. We will discuss availability and potential start dates.

After receiving a completed registration form. The first ‘settling in’ session will be in the room that your child will be based in.

It is a chance to visit to speak to the team about your child, we will ask for background information, routines, likes and dislikes, medical needs, allergies and so on. With our babies we will go into lots of detail about their daily routine, how you settle them, nap times, weaning etc.

The first settling in visit lasts around an hour and requires the parent to remain in the room.

The second settling in session is normally within a few days of the first to provide consistency for the child and will be on a day that your child will normally be in on. This is important so the child can get to know the staff who will be looking after them. It generally last a few hours to give them and you a chance to be without each other. This can be very nerve wracking for parents and we are here to help and reassure. We will call and send messages to give you regular updates. If this session is during the morning they will have snack and 2 course lunch included.
We can offer a phased entry into nursery to help with the building up of days and sessions. These additional settling in sessions can be booked as half days, short days or full days and are chargeable at the usual rates

Key Person System

At Tom Thumb we operate a Key Person system, whereby each child has a designated member of staff who will take lead responsibility for the relationship between the family and the nursery. The Key Person provides a point of contact for parents, however they do not have sole charge of the child and parents are free to discuss their child and their requirements with any member of staff.

The key person will be responsible for the majority of settling in and helping your little one to adjust to the new routines. During the settling in process for our babies, our aim is to provide 1:1 care and we do this by ensuring we have extra staff in to enable us to do this.

Suggested Start Dates

Please note that when children attend nursery for the first time they may pick up illnesses more easily whilst their immune system improves. We therefore suggest you start nursery 3 -4 weeks prior to your start back at work date. Children who attend nursery develop a very good immune system, which is widely reported in the media, to improve children’s long term development against illness when they are older.