Today marks the end of an era for our little Moss family.

After 11years of coming to Tom Thumb Abbots Bromley our littlest Moss has just gone off for his last day before he goes on his next adventure to ‘big school’

We can’t thank you all enough for everything you have done for us over the years, you have given our boys so much love and support through many of life’s highs and some of life’s crazy lows.

Olly, Robbie and Alfie have all absolutely loved coming to nursery and I’m sure some of the aunties have been educated by all 3 of them about sheep and farming

Thank you so much for everything I will really miss walking up your lovely little path and a friendly greeting each morning

Lots of love the Moss Family






It’s been lovely chatting to you and you’ve really put our mind at rest about her development. We couldn’t have wished for a better early years setting. The staff are wonderfully kind and caring. Thank you












Reading this has made me so happy at work today! It sounds like the children have such a magical time and do so many exciting things. Thank you for all your hard work and giving her such amazing experiences

Thank you so much! You always have time for us and go that extra mile, even when I have so many questions! I’m really impressed so far and I had a really warm feeling when I first walked in.